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St Môret

Le primeur du fromager

Iconic brand over generations and the leading natural fresh cheese in France, St Môret won over the hearts of the consumers through its full texture and fresh, lightly salted flavour. It provides a unique fresh and creamy sensation. That’s the simple, natural pleasure of the freshest specialty cheese.



    In a punnet or individual portion, St Môret is the freshness asset for any consumption time and can be enjoyed both spread on a toast and in yummy recipes.

    The ideal choice for those who watch their diet, St Môret is also available in a 25% less salt version but still tasteful. Finally, the latest addition to the St Môret range: St Môret bio. It offers a simple recipe with 100% organic ingredients from French breeding farms.



St Môret can be enjoyed as an appetizer or in a salad with its delicious range of fresh cheese balls stuffed with fig, caramelized onions, smoked salmon or tuna.





    St Môret is made in our plant in the Dordogne department with top quality milk, cream and a dash of salt. These natural ingredients and its unique recipe make St Môret and give it that fresh taste and texture: firm to cut, melts in the mouth.



    St Môret is committed to combating food waste with the Food Banks. Each year, with its annual “market tour”, St Môret collects, in partnership with the Food Banks, unsold fruits and vegetables and donates, for each kilo of food collected, the equivalent in weight of St Môret. In 2019, operations took place in 7 markets, with a ton of fruit and vegetables saved from waste to which 1 ton of St Môret was added.

St Môret Idéal Dessert adds a new twist to home pastries


    To enhance homemade desserts, St Môret has reformulated its emblematic recipe to create a new a version called St Môret Idéal Dessert. Still free from texturing agents and preservatives, it can be easily added to desserts and offers amateur pastry chefs more cooking possibilities.

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