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St Môret

Le primeur du fromager

Iconic brand over generations and the leading natural fresh cheese in France, St Môret won over the hearts of the consumers through its full texture and fresh, lightly salted flavour. It provides a unique fresh and creamy sensation. That’s the simple, natural pleasure of the freshest specialty cheese.



    Thanks to its various formats, St Môret is ideal for everyone, big or small. Fresh and low in fat, you can spread it on bread any time of the day, or cook delicious dishes with it to share. The creamy pleasure of St Môret is also available in individual portions so you can always eat it fresh and a light version is available as part of the St Môret Ligne & Plaisir line.



St Môret also exist for appetizer with its delicious beads of fresh cheese stuffed with tomato, fig, sweet pepper or pest.






    Top quality milk, cream and a dash of salt. These natural ingredients and its unique recipe make St Môret and give it that fresh taste and texture: firm to cut, melts in the mouth.

The French's favorite marketplace


    Since the first advertisement in the 1980s, St Môret’s famous van and market stall have visited markets all over France. It’s a world of fresh flavour and fun that is now synonymous with the brand.
    In 2018, St Môret supported TF1 in the election of “Votre plus beau Marché”. Among all the participants, 25 markets were selected for the finale, and the Sanary-sur-Mer marketplace was elected “Votre plus beau Marché”.

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With its mild and creamy flavour, Géramont has been a favourite with German consumers for over 40 years. Synonymous with pleasure and the French way of life, over the years it has become the most popular French cheese in Germany.

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