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Savencia Fromage & Dairy consists of two complementary activities that are both built on adding value to dairy resources.

    Fromage, the Group’s historical business, is focused on producing high quality, high added value specialty cheeses, in Europe and worldwide.


    Dairy which brings together all other dairy products – butter, cream, aseptic technology long-life dairy products and ingredients – and markets them internationally.



    The Group is one of the few processors worldwide capable of producing all the different families of cheese. We pay careful attention to variations in taste, changes in use and lifestyle and continually reinvent our cheese to satisfy consumers in all their diversity. We adapt to local tastes and consumption habits to remain as close as possible to our markets.



    Savencia Fromage & Dairy produces butters and creams for retail and the catering and restaurant professions, as well as dairy ingredients for the food, nutrition and healthcare industries. Our leading brands include Elle & Vire, Corman, the market leader in technical butters, and Armor in the field of dairy ingredients.



    The Group was founded on innovation in specialty cheeses with Caprice des Dieux. Since then, the group has innovated continually in order to develop unique brands for its markets. In developing new flavors, new textures, new properties, etc., our innovation and marketing teams use the very latest technology to meet consumers’ expectations in terms of enjoyment, practicality and nutrition, and to adapt to their new lifestyles.


Every one of our teams shares the goal of guaranteeing our renowned high quality to consumers. We take into account every aspect of quality: appearance, taste, consistency, ease of use, enjoyment, nutritional value, health benefits, preservation, packaging, service and price. Our products are assessed by panels of consumers and staff, who are specially trained in sensory analysis.

Our quality assurance policy covers the purchase of raw materials, production and distribution. It complies with the strictest international diagnostics and food safety protocols.



We help develop our countryside regions


Our products lay proud claim to their origins and differences as the source of the richness and range of their flavors.
In every country where we produce cheeses, butters or creams, we choose the best regions for our facilities.

The authentic nature and distinctive flavors of our PDO* products demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. Roquefort Papillon in Aveyron, Maroilles Fauquet in Thierache, Epoisses Berthaut in Bourgogne, Carlsbourg in the Belgian Ardennes and Lescure’s Charentes-Poitou butter. This enables us to meet the increasingly high expectations of consumers for authentic regional products.
*Protected Designation of Origin



    With a presence in 120 countries, our sales teams are renowned for their effectiveness and expertise. In 2019, the Savencia Produits Laitiers France’s sales team was rewarded twice in the Advantage Group ranking with the second place in the “Centrale Frais Laitier” barometer and third place in the “Fresh Dairy category”.


    Our sales teams are constantly innovating to create long-term growth plans with our clients. Latest merchandising innovation to date: From’up, developed collaboratively by Savencia Produits Laitiers France and a partner distributor. Its goal? Improving the consumer experience in the self-service cheese section by presenting products by consumer use.
    In 2020, From’up was awarded an LSA Trophy for “Category Management Team”.


A place of sharing, La Maison de L’Excellence Savencia® allows its chefs to pass on the extent of their know-how to catering, bakery and pastry-making professionals.


With a wide range of products recognized in premium food service, and brands such as Elle & Vire Professionnel, Corman or Lescure, the House of Excellence Savencia® also deploys its expertise internationally, with the ambition of promoting the world gastronomy “à la française”. Butter, cream, and now cheese: all expertise combined with Excellence!


Thanks to their natural nutritional benefits, cheese and other dairy products occupy a unique place in an everyday balanced diet.

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