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Attentive to the variety of tastes and changing uses and lifestyles, Savencia Fromage & Dairy constantly reinventing cheese to satisfy consumers in all their diversity and adapts to local tastes and customs.


Cheese consumption is international and includes the universal expectations of enjoyment, nutrition and practicality. The desire for variety and the diverse ways in which cheese can be consumed are major components in its demand, and change in step with lifestyles. For example, the simplification of everyday meals has led to increased demand for products that are easy to cook and use. In the same way, the increase in the trend for snacking has been a growth factor for cheese.


Local shops are regaining favor with consumers, including cheesemongers, driven by growing enthusiasm for PDO cheeses.
Working closely with cheese artisans, Le Comptoir du Fromage
supplies specially ripened cheeses for this network, such as Epoisses Berthaut, Roquefort Papillon, Au Bouchon, Montbriac or l’Esquirrou Ossau-Iraty.



    In France, the country where we eat the most cheese, it continues to be enjoyed at lunch or dinner, traditionally at the end of a meal. With new consumer trends, it also occupies a central place in snack foods and flexitarian menus where it is eaten at the heart of meals accompanied by vegetables. Further south, in Italy, cheese, a source of protein also used as a meat substitute, is the essential culinary ingredient to accompany, in particular, traditional pastas and pizzas.


    In Northern and Central Europe, it is first on bread, in slices, that cheese is appreciated. It is also found as a culinary ingredient. In Germany, for example, the “Abendbrot”, a traditional dinner, consists of cheese spread on bread and cold meats. The consumption of cheese is therefore widely diversified: hard, soft, fresh and processed cheeses… Further north, in England, cheese is eaten in sandwiches or after dessert!


    Finally, across the Atlantic, Americans, snacking lovers, consume cheese especially in burgers and sandwiches or on pizzas. However, the consumption of premium cheese, including soft, blue or goat cheese tends to increase. Americans are becoming enlightened amateurs in search of new cheese experiences.


  • Grassroots excellence

    Local cheeses perfectly illustrate our cheese-making know-how. Origin cheeses or PDO, produced locally and with the greatest respect for tradition, they meet the high expectations of consumers. The international influence of our traditional products is carried by the Haute Fromagerie.

  • Snacking, quite simply

    Balanced snack or gourmet sandwich: consumers no longer want to choose between health and convenience. If snacking continues to develop, it must, more than ever, meet a requirement for balance and quality. In this new food landscape, cheese, simple and practical by nature, has many advantages: its great diversity of formats, tastes and texture. Sliced, diced, in balls or spreadable, it meets all tastes and is available anytime, for all uses.

  • Natural and gourmet products

    Made from natural raw materials and simple ingredients, our cheeses and dairy products are minimally processed foods that combine pleasure and well-being. Most are “clean label”, a concept promoting the reduction of additives in products as well as the use of a limited number of ingredients. “Milk, cream, a pinch of salt and that’s it”: the 100% natural signature of Caprice des Dieux could be that of many Savencia cheeses.


Local products, small brands and terroirs are popular. To meet new consumer expectations, La Haute Fromagerie aims to support the development of the professional cheese makers’ network. How? By offering a collection of traditional and authentic cheeses, made with the greatest respect for quality and know-how, some with PDO, from France and other major cheese countries. Our ambassador Rodolphe Le Meunier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (2007) and Meilleur Fromager International (2007), recognized for his talent and his demand for quality, puts all his know-how at the service of our cheeses.


Raw material
Promote responsible purchasing and, in conjunction with our raw materials suppliers, co-develop a more sustainable sourcing with greater added value.

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