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Environmental footprint

To reduce our operations’ environmental footprint, 6 OXYGEN objectives:

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for production and transport by 20% by 2025*
  • By increasing our consumption of renewable energies 
  • Reduce water consumption by 10% by 2025*
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our milk collection by 300,000 tons of CO2 equivalent by 2025**
  • Develop sorting and recycling of industrial waste and contribute to more circular solutions
  • Aim for 100% of recyclable or biodegradable packs for our branded products

* per ton vs 2015   ** vs 2010



    97% of our milk collection takes place within 70km of our dairies and cheese plants in France. As part of our process to reduce CO2 emissions, our drivers are trained to eco-driving, and milk collection rounds are optimized.


  • The processing and recycling of our manufacturing facilities effluents are naturally in line with the Group’s CSR process. Our Fro’ subsidiary thus recycles 100% of its organic waste using its milk producers’ methanization plants.


    For its part, Fromagerie Perreault at Azé in France has optimized the processing of its waste through a local partnership providing the company with energy generated by the biogas obtained from methanization of its organic waste.


In France, the Champdeniers-Saint-Denis site converted its old oil-fired boiler plant into a natural gas boiler. This investment meets the new environmental requirements. It reduces energy costs and contributes to reduce the site’s environmental footprint by reducing CO2 emissions by 27% compared to the oil-fired boiler. This new facility is an asset for the town, its inhabitants now enjoying city gas, and a real improvement in terms of reducing noise pollution. Other initiatives? In Spain, all five Arias production sites are now fully supplied with renewable energy-certified power. Local initiatives are also encouraged: the Illoud plant in Haute-Marne is currently testing a milk tanker that runs on locally-sourced biogas. Finally, the plant in Noida, in India, has installed solar panels to tap into a greener power source.



Reducing our carbon footprint also means eco-designing our packaging and using recyclable materials. Our Oxygen target: 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging for our branded products by 2025. In accordance with the group’s responsible design policy, we are working hard to develop more sustainable packaging. The new portion-packs of Tartare, for example, are now manufactured with at least 50% recycled plastic, thus promoting a circular economy. In addition, the thickness of Fol Epi packaging has been reduced by using recyclable plastic containing 35% recycled materials. And, last but not least, Etorki has changed its packaging, in particular by using three times less plastic, thus making it 60% lighter.


Intended to take over the export flows of the Group’s subsidiaries, the new Normandie Export Logistics warehouse in Honfleur meets the strictest environmental standards. HQE certification takes into account the environmental quality of the building, the management of operations to achieve the set environmental performance.

Construction site with low nuisance, construction products chosen to limit the sanitary impacts: the construction was conducted in an approach of respect of the environment. The design of the building makes it particularly energy and water efficient and outdoor facilities have been designed to promote biodiversity, with the installation of beehives for example.


Savencia Fromage & Dairy consists of two complementary divisions that are both built on adding value to dairy resources.

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