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Savencia Fromage & Dairy produces butters and creams for the retail market and catering professionals, as well as dairy ingredients for the food, nutrition and healthcare industries.



    The market for cream – the perfect practical cooking ingredient – in France and Europe, is driven by the interest in home cooking, whereas butter has benefitted from a return to favor for traditional, natural products. More generally, the boom in gourmet food and premium pastries is a trend that is helpful for the development of the cream market.



    Worldwide, the quality image of dairy products and French gourmet food, as well as high demand from emerging nations, has fueled exports.

The Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire for chefs

The Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire is a training and application laboratory that enables chefs from all over the world to train in the use of Elle & Vire branded products, and discover new sources of inspiration. The Maison de la Crème provides a forum for chefs, led by Meilleur Ouvrier de France Nicolas Boussin and culinary expert Sébastien Faré, and is dedicated to creativity and excellence in the service of food industry professionals.


  • Through its Armor subsidiary, Savencia Fromage & Dairy is involved at the cutting edge of the dairy ingredients market. Milk is a major source of nutritional ingredients, which Armor enhances and provides to the food, pharmaceutical, infant nutrition and young animal nutrition industries. This cluster includes five subsidiaries: Armor Protéines for functional and nutritional dairy ingredients; Armor Pharma for pharmaceutical lactose; Sodilac for infant nutrition; Elvor for young animal nutrition and Cheese Ingredients providing ingredients for cheese.


  • On average, 1 liter of cow milk contains 900 g of water  – 45 to 50g of lactose (a carbohydrate) – 35 to 40g of fat – 27 to 30g of casein (a protein) – 3 to 4g of soluble proteins – 8 to 10g of minerals (mainly calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium) – vitamins A, D, E, K, B2, B3, B12.

  • Cream is manufactured by centrifugation of the fat content of milk. What remains is thin skim milk.

  • To produce cheese, the milk is separated into 2 components: curd, produced by coagulation of milk casein, which after draining will become cheese, and milk whey, produced by the draining.

  • Milk whey comprises 94% of water, 4 to 5% of lactose, soluble proteins and mineral salts.

  • New technologies make it possible to extract its main components and use them to formulate very elaborate nutritional and functional products.

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