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Healthy pleasure & responsibility

Improve the design and nutritional quality of our products to ally healthy pleasure and responsibility, and promote responsible consumption

  • Provide clear nutritional information for 100% of our branded products
  • Deploy a clean label approach for 100% of our branded new products
  • Each company to propose plans for progress, products or packaging compliant with Savencia’s Responsible Design Charter
  • Support consumers in developing practices of healthy and responsible consumption practices
  • Deploy staff training in nutrition and responsible consumption plans to 100 % of the Group’s companies by 2025


Our products are as natural as possible and made with few ingredients: milk, ferments and salt for cheeses. In a voluntarist approach of clean label, we strive to develop recipes without additives, such as Elle & Vire light cream, and to suppress those contained in some products.


We are also working to improve the nutritional profile of our products, such as Tolle Rolle, sold under the Milkana brand in Germany and under the name of Escargolo de P’tit Louis in France. The salt of this 100% natural and additive-free cheese has been reduced by 13%.

"Nudging" for a responsible consumption

  • Nudging for good


    To help consumers to adopt more responsible dietary habits, the Group has implemented the “Nudge” approach. Caprice des Dieux has won the Health Excellence Awards prize at the 2017 Nudge Awards for En Cas de Caprice. Its log-like shape and strippable shell allow consumers to visualize the appropriate amount to eat.

  • Cheese, an alternative of choice for the heart of the meal


    In Europe, about one-third of consumers declare they reduce their meat consumption. In heart of meal, with vegetables or salad, cheese is a good alternative for balanced meal and easy to cook. In order to help change eating habits and encourage consumers to eat well, we offer them recipe ideas and information on our sites and

An anti-waste approach


Since 2016, the St Môret brand, committed to fighting food waste, collects unsold and damaged products on markets. These collections are donated to local charities and the brand offers the equivalent weight in St Môret tubs. The brand also sensitized consumers on good practices by distributing recipe booklets and anti-waste tips on the markets, and its employees, by organizing activities during Sustainable Development Week.
Other subsidiaries, as SAVENCIA Produits Laitiers France with PHENIX, are also committed to an anti-waste approach.

Nutri Académie


    Eager to educate children about nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet, Milkana has set up a food education program: Nutri Académie. More than 25,000 children from 36 schools in Senegal, Congo and Côte d’Ivoire have already benefited from this program.


Savencia Fromage & Dairy consists of two complementary divisions that are both built on adding value to dairy resources.

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