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Fol Epi

Fruity Taste in Every Slice

A small but plump round cheese, decorated with wheat ears in relief; a tender texture and a fruity flavour… A unique sunshine-packed taste that makes Fol Épi a delicious and original pressed cheese.





Fol Épi is made and matured by Perreault cheese factories in Mayenne according to a cheese making know-how perpetuated since 1919. This small wheel of French pressed cheese develops its tender texture and its fruity flavors in the maturation cellar. Fol Épi is made with local milk, mainly collected less than 30 km from the cheese plant.




Fol Épi: « français et fin, jusqu’au bout des tranches » ("French and fine, to the end of the slices")




This “made in France” identity, Fol Epi claims it through its last campaign led on the French market untitled “Français et fin jusqu’au bout des tranches” (“French and fine to the slices”) while proudly highlighting its native region on its packs: Pays de la Loire. This tender and fruity cheese is a true reflection of its terroir!






    Fol Epi is a key player in the very dynamic German sliced cheese market. Its unique positioning highlights the delicacy of French cheese making.
    At the cheese counter, in slices or blocks, Fol Épi meets all the German consumers’ desires and uses for maximum pleasure.


Fol Epi is committed to the environment with a fully recyclable tray pack made of 50% recycled plastic.

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