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Raclette Cheese at its Best

Undisputed leader of the raclette cheese market in France, the RichesMonts brand is popular with a wide range of consumers, thanks to its high quality recipe and authentic milk from the mountains.



    During a trip to Switzerland in 1973, an employee of the RichesMonts cheese factories fell in love with raclette and imported it to France. Initially exclusively for restaurants, raclette quickly became a winter sports favourite dish. Its popularity spread to families thanks to small, domestic raclette machines, which in turn led to the first “raclette parties”.


To accompany winter meals, RichesMonts offers a wide range of cheeses to be eaten hot. The cheese is available grated or in slices with multiple flavors for raclettes, but also in specific formats dedicated to the preparation of burgers.

Savoyard fondue or tartiflette aficionados can enjoy their favorite dishes with the Savoyard recipe fondues and cheeses for tartiflette, in natural or smoked versions.

Milk straight down from the mountain!

RichesMonts® cheeses are made with mountain milk from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and are collected at an altitude over 600m and within a distance of less than 130 km around the cheese factories. According to the applicable Mountain Product regulations, the feed of the cows, from which milk comes from, is mainly produced in the mountains.

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Iconic brand, symbol of tenderness and complicity, Chavroux is the leading brand of fresh goat cheese in France and Europe thanks to its very fresh goat taste and its creamy and melting texture.

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