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A fresh and melting goat cheese

Iconic brand, symbol of tenderness and complicity, Chavroux is the leading brand of fresh goat cheese in France and Europe thanks to its very fresh goat taste and its creamy and melting texture.

A recipe from our cheese-making know-how


    A soft, mild goat cheese. Our unique expertise led to the creation of the pyramid, a pure goat’s milk cheese with a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a fresh taste. Its recipe preserves the purity and benefits of goat’s milk and contains only 13.5% fat.


Why does the Chavroux have a chopped-top?

Rumor has it Napoleon himself started the trend one evening, slicing off the top of a pyramid-shaped block of goat cheese that remind him of his failed Egyptian War campaign. He then decreed that no cheese would ever be made in France with a pointed top again, and the chopped-top style stuck.

A whole range of delicacies

With its fresh cheeses like the pyramid, soft as the log, semi-hard, slices or “mousse” everyone gets their share.
On a toast as in cooking, Chavroux is the ideal partner of all culinary creations and meets all the cravings of goat chesse.

Chavrie in the States


    Chavrie, the first and finest American goat cheese, was introduced in 1989 in its soon-to-be-classic pyramid shape. Since then, the Chavrie sucess story has continued and the brand has expanded its range for US consumers with its log, as well as flavored logs: Sundried Tomato & Garlic, Cranberries & Candied Orange Peel and Thyme & Zesty Lemon.


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Coeur de Lion
Created in Normandy in 1990, Cœur de Lion restored nobility to pasteurised Camembert through its high quality. It is now among the favourite cheeses of the French people.

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