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Cœur de Lion

Vous n’aviez jamais mangé de camembert

Created in Normandy in 1990, Cœur de Lion restored nobility to pasteurised Camembert through its high quality. It is now among the favourite cheeses of the French people.



    It’s in Ducey, in Normandy, that begins the Coeur de Lion epic. At the time, a dairy cooperative conceived and created a new recipe for a great, creamy, rich-tasting Camembert. The Cœur de Lion Camembert has quickly conquered the French’s heart, which make it one of their favorite cheeses, thanks to the perfect balance between strength and mildness, power and smoothness. This balance is easily recognised by its well-known red and gold emblem.


A Cœur de Lion cheese is bought per second in France*. The brand is therefore widely recognized by the public for its cheeses of quality, character and that we love to share!
* TNS Sofres Notoriety Barometer July 2016



    Driven by the success of its Camembert, Cœur de Lion has created new cheeses for all the family – Coulommiers, Brie and creamy speciality cheeses – and answering every moment of consumption: portioned for outdoor meals or appetizer, reduced in salt, etc., so that everyone can find the cheese that suits him and which corresponds to his taste expectations.


All the milk used to make Cœur de Lion Camembert, Coulommiers and Brie comes from Normandy, and the areas around Vire, Coutances and Ducey to be precise. The brand tracks every product carefully, from the origin of the milk to the final point of sale.

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