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Elle & Vire


Elle & Vire is a leading brand of cream and butter from Normandy and has become an everyday culinary partner for consumers and professionals. First cream brand in France, Elle & Vire is in the Top 10 of the most popular food brands in stores*.


The heart of the Normandy hinterland has been home to the Condé-sur-Vire dairy since 1945, nestling between the rivers Elle and Vire, which gave the brand its name. An outstanding region, with a temperate climate and abundant rain, gives Elle & Vire everything it needs to produce the crème de la crème and the best butter in Normandy.


Since its foundation, Elle & Vire has developed a wide range of creams, along with cream-based sauces and dessert preparations. The brand also offers a full range of butters: classic (in blocks), traditional (in rolls), spreadable, light and in mini-format. Elle & Vire also has a range of organic cream and butter made with 100% local milk from the “Laiterie de Condé-sur-Vire” and butters that taste like cream and creams without additives!


Elle & Vire Professionnel

Elle & Vire Professionnel is the benchmark brand for chefs worldwide.
From whipping cream of unparalleled firmness to cooking cream with strong bonding properties, from extra dry to concentrated butter, from dessert preparations to the creamiest of cream cheeses, Elle & Vire supports chefs in all their creations with the offer of products of exception adapted to each of their uses.

  • The "Maison de l’Excellence Savencia"

    La Maison de l’Excellence Savencia® is a forum for sharing and transmitting knowledge dedicated to French and international restaurateurs and professional bakers/pastry chefs. The mission of the chefs’ brigade: support professionals by offering a selection of training courses, recipes and demonstrations while working on the product innovations of tomorrow with the R&D and marketing teams. Its chefs are true ambassadors traveling the world year-round to share their expertise and “made-in-Savencia” quality with the ambition of being a key partner to the talents of the present and future.

  • When mascarpone inspires Elle & Vire

    What a combination for innovation, allying technical performance, gustative qualities and practicality! Elle & Vire Professionnel literally reinvents Mascarpone with its UHT recipe which preserves all the savor of fresh Mascarpone. Much easier to use, this revisited Mascarpone is also more practical to store and can be kept up to nine months before use.


Originating from an exceptional territory, Elle & Vire’s products are shipped every year from Condé-sur-Vire to the consumers and food service professionals of all the continents. Elle & Vire International deliver the taste of France to more than 120 destinations in particular in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
The products, formulated to please the tastes of very different consumers and the children’s nutritional needs, keep all their taste and function thanks to UHT technology.


*Kantar Brand Footprint 2021 study


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