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Fresh Cheeses with the Taste of Provence and the Mediterranean

Herbes de Provence, Camargue fleur de sel, wild herbs… Bresso blends Provence and Mediterranean flavours with the delicious, creamy, rich texture of its speciality cheeses. It is a unique pleasure much-loved by German and Austrian consumers.


  • Certified clean label, Bresso is made in Kempten in Bavaria with milk from herds fed without GMOs. The brand draws its Provençal character from the aromatic herbs that make up its recipe: thyme, savory, oregano. From sustainable crops at the foot of the Luberon Mountains, these herbs give Bresso its authentic and fresh taste. A guaranteed immersion into the “garrigue”.


  • Launched in 1976 in Germany, in the French-style fresh cheese segment, in a few years, Bresso became the market leader in flavoured fresh cheeses. A pioneer in the market, with a light version launched as far back as 1988, Bresso has continued to innovate and diversify and in 1992 became market leader in flavoured soft cheeses too.


    In 2019, the Bresso Foodtruck toured Germany in 12 stages to meet consumers. The opportunity for them to rediscover the brand and the authenticity of its herbs of Provence.

Bresso 100% Pflanzlich: vegetal innovation without compromising on taste


    In Germany, nearly 50% of consumers are showing their desire to reduce animal protein in their diet. To meet the expectations of flexitarian consumers, Bresso has launched 100% Pflanzlich. An alternative offer, based on almond milk, which has retained the freshness, creaminess and good taste of Provence that have made Bresso so successful.

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Brunch was invented in 1995 and started a new category of fresh spread and cooking specialty in Germany. With a modern character, a fresh taste, a unique texture and original recipes, Brunch became a trusted brand with consumers.

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