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Taste of Freshness

This has become one of the great fresh cheese classics. For nearly 60 years, people have loved Tartare for its freshness and unique taste. So, what’s the secret? Intensely flavoured natural ingredients combined with whipped cheese to preserve all their taste. Pure pleasure.


Created in the Dordogne department in 1964, the now-famous recipe for Tartare Garlic & Fine Herbs has been a hit over several generations.

In individual portions or in a cup, Tartare offers a great variety of flavors such as the crunchiness of the Nuts and Almond recipe, the delicate flavor of Sweet Garlic and Fine Herbs, the freshness of Chives and Shallots. And for those who cannot choose, Tartare comes in a 4-flavor box: Fleur de Sel, Shallot, Chives, Walnuts & Almond bits and Garlic & Fine Herbs.


  • The Tartare’s secret of freshness is based on a calibrated and pin-point accuracy preparation. Every day, the milk is collected near the cheese plants and the herbs picked at dawn and prepared in less than twelve hours to maintain their intensity. They are then delicately incorporated, cold, to the cheese to give Tartare this unique taste and this melting texture.

Tartare takes on a delicious veggie twist

  • In 2020, nearly 40% of French people declare themselves flexitarians and reduce their meat consumption in favor of other sources of protein such as cheese or plant-based offers. To answer these new consumer trends, Tartare is now available in a vegetable version, with a recipe based on almond milk. Preservatives and additives free, Tartare 100% végétal (100% vegetable Tartare) combines pleasure and health, with an intense taste of garlic and herbs and comes up in a delicious and melting texture.


The is the number 1 aromatised cheese in France.


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Originally produced over 40 years ago in the Béarn area in the Pyrenean foothills in Jurançon, Saint Albray is a classic among French cheeses. A smooth, cow’s milk cheese, with a pronounced light taste and unique colour.

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