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Caprice des Dieux

Pure Indulgence

With its delicate crème-fraiche flavour beneath a soft white rind, shaped like a sweet in its distinctive blue box and its name suggesting a special treat, Caprice des Dieux has been winning over each generation since it was created in 1956. A heavenly seductive power!




The first speciality cheese, Caprice des Dieux, was produced at the family dairy in the village of Illoud in the Haute-Marne region of France.



Its unique recipe and oval shape, its distinctive blue box and original name marked it out from other cheeses of the time.



The story began with the sale of the first box of Caprice des Dieux on 21st June 1956, and has been going on for 65 years!


Cows at pasture most of the year, 2/3 of fresh milk collected within 70 km from our two cheese plants, a simple and natural recipe: Caprice des Dieux is a committed brand proving that it is possible to produce cheese in a sustainable way, while respecting people, animals and the environment.


Simple and natural ingredients are the unique recipe of Caprice des Dieux: 98% milk, cream, a pinch of salt, lactic ferments, and that’s it!


To make it suitable for eating at any time and to satisfy any whim, the brand has developed different formats over the last 70 years.


Mini Caprice adds portability to the smoothness, offering three individually-wrapped (50g) caprices to cope with any mini-treat needs.


En Cas de Caprice delivers a creamy heart and crème-fraiche taste, kept fresh by its protective wrapper that opens up according to how much you need for a thoughtful consumption. For a little snack, with pre-dinner drinks, in a salad… just unwrap as much as you want!


It’s just a short step from gods to angels, with divinely-fresh, super-creamy Caprice des Anges, kept perfectly fresh by its transparent dome cover.



The Caprice des Dieux TV advertising campaign, which began in 1968, has been inseparable from the brand’s success. In the adverts, little angels present “a love of cheese that’s fresh as a rose and mild as a sky in springtime.” 1985 saw the start of the famous, long-running campaign that still to this day uses the signature line: “Caprice à deux, Caprice des Dieux” emphasizing how good it is to share with a loved one, so the pleasure is no longer sinful.


Since then, seduction, humor and self-indulgence have been part of each new TV campaign. The latest one, “Seuls au monde” (“Alone in the world”), takes us into a paradisiacal setting, under the blue sky of the Aegean Sea.

Did you know?

Want to know more about Caprice des Dieux? Discover La Divine Fromagerie! Based in Illoud in Haute-Marne French department, in the historic cheese plant that gave birth to this major soft cheese with a bloomy rind, this space retraces the 65 years of audacity and originality of the iconic Caprice des Dieux!


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