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Burgo de Arias

Spain’s favorite “queso fresco”

In Spain in 1991, Arias created a new family of fresh cheeses, or modern “quesos frescos”. Produced using an innovative process based on ultrafiltration technology, they had the advantage of a longer life than traditional quesos frescos. This proved to be the start of a great success story.



    Burgo de Arias now offers a range of specialty fresh cheeses that can be enjoyed at any time. Thanks to a 100% natural recipe, Burgo de Arias is a clean label product that can be eaten on its own, in salads or even as a dessert.
    The brand is leader in its category in Spain.






Especially well-suited to modern eating habits,
the individual portion format has become
the flagship product.






    Burgo de Arias is also available in 0% fat, salt-free or calcium-enriched versions, especially suitable for the elderly.
    The Burgo de Arias brand also offers a cheese with its lactose content reduced to only 0.03% specifically formulated to improve the digestion of those suffering from lactose intolerance. Last but not least, Burgo de Arias is also available in an organic version.



    With only 5% fat and a very simple recipe, Burgo Balance is a lighter version of the Spanish favorite “queso fresco”. Its innovative formula rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12 offers a perfect balance between pleasure and well-being.

Burgo Skyr: the protein-rich yogurt that’s on the up and up


    On average two to three times richer in protein than an ordinary yogurt, skyr, a trendy dairy product from Iceland is the ideal complement to a light meal. Burgo de Arias offers a Skyr Queso Fresco, made with 100% natural ingredients, with a very high protein content and 0% fat. This new product by Burgo de Arias was elected “Product of the Year 2021″ in Spain.

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