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The Pure Taste of Nature

Immaculate white colour, melt-in-the-mouth texture, super fresh taste; this is what has made Lucina such a success in the Czech Republic.





Lucina was created in 1981 in the Czech Republic, in a 100 g format that has now become an iconic product on the Czech market.


Cheese, cream, a pinch of salt and… nothing else. With its carefully-selected natural ingredients, Lucina is the most fresh and natural of Czech cheeses.


For breakfast, as a snack or for dinner, the brand provides delicious, healthy meals at any time of day.

A cheese that likes cooking

Although you can eat Lucina from the pot with a teaspoon, it can also be used in cooking with vegetables or sauces. In diced form, it also works well in salads, where it matches the other ingredients perfectly. Lucina can also be used in desserts such as cheesecake or mixed with fruit.

A natural range


    Produced with no preservatives or additives, Lucina is now available in a range of formats for any occasion: with chives, ham, garlic and fine herbs, with yoghurt, in a light version, and even for children, with a specially-devised recipe that provides an even creamier, flavour-filled taste.
    In 2018, Lucina expands its range with the launch of a fresh goat cheese, unique in its freshness and naturalness, nature or with garlic and herbs.


A shared taste for lightness




Manufactured in Poland, this new 100% natural whipped cheese specialty, with its light airy texture, continues to seduce growing numbers of consumers.



And to vary the pleasures, the product is available in several versions: natural, light and flavored.








Launched in 1987 by Corman, the world leader in functional butters, the Balade brand took over the Belgian market with its range of light dairy products. Balade is the result of unique expertise that manages to lighten everything – except the taste.

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