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Král Sýrů

The king of Czech soft cheese



Hermelin is a white mould cheese beloved by Czechs and inspired by camembert. What are the main differences
between them? Hermelin taste was adapted to Czech and
Slovak desire. It is soft and creamy, with less distinctive
aroma than French camembert.



Král Sýrů is the Hermelin founder and #1 brand in soft
cheese in the Czech Republic.

King’s fairy tale

In 1920s the fame of French camembert got to Czechoslovakia. Local famers in a small village of Přibyslav decided to found a new dairy with camembert production. And in the very same dairy, Král Sýrů is produced now – of course with modern expert technology.

Over the years, the taste of cheese was adapted to local conditions and after World War II, Hermelin got its name. The word “hermelin” means “ermine“ in Czech – because the white mould on the cheese looks similar to ermine on kings‘ coats.

In 1990’s the king himself got to the pack design to symbolize the cheese superiority and eventually, the brand Král Sýrů (meaning King of Cheese) was born.

King‘s expertise and tradition



Král Sýrů exploits 90 years of expertise and brings new tastes of soft cheese to Czech and Slovak consumers: hermelin with seasoning, more creamy hermelin, lactic cheese with double texture or more tasty ripened cheese.

Král Sýrů in numbers

Over a quarter of household buying Král Sýrů
90 years of Král Sýrů production tradition

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