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Premium Deli Specialties

With its range of tasty and natural cheeses, Alouette is a hit with American consumers, turning parties, casual occasions and snacking into real moments of pleasure.

The French cheese's success in the United States

  • The Alouette story begins in the early ‘70s when the renowned French cheese maker Jean-Noel Bongrain decided to bring his passion and skill for French specialty cheese to the States. Choosing the rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania as his new American home, the company embarked on creating a new line of original, specialty cheeses that would combine traditional French recipes with flavors suited to the US.
    Thanks to its soft, velvety texture and unique blend of fresh flavors – two features that would come to define the brand – it was an instant success.


Alouette is the Premium brand for deli speciality cheeses in the United States. Its spreadable gourmet cheeses are popular for their fresh taste, distinctive recipes, natural flavours and creamy texture. This goes for both classic and light versions – the latter of which has 50% less fat.

Alouette also offers high-quality, locally-produced brie, with a mild taste and creamy texture. Its unique Crème de Brie recipe is especially popular with American consumers.


The new Alouette, a pleasure for the eyes, fresh and good


The Alouette products range, the market leader for
Deli spreads at Deli counters in the USA, has been
enriched by a version full of savor with garlic and
a visible topping of aromatic herbs, providing a
fresh and delicate pleasure: a veritable tribute
to taste within the Alouette collection.


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Immaculate white colour, melt-in-the-mouth texture, super fresh taste; this is what has made Lucina such a success in the Czech Republic.

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