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Focusing on cheese specialties and high value added dairy ingredients, SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy is among the world’s leading milk processors, the No. 2 cheese group in France and the No. 4 worldwide. SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy is an independent family group listed with Euronext Paris.


In each of the countries where we are present, we offer consumers products designed for them and backed by premium brands which are often part of their national heritage. Our development is built on an intimate knowledge of local tastes and habits, a wealth of cheese-manufacturing know-how, an extensive mastery of cheese-making and dairy technologies and cutting-edge research into milk’s constituents.

As a branded cheese specialist and No. 1 worldwide for cheese specialties, Savencia Fromage&Dairy’s portfolio includes all the families of cheese, all formats, all uses and all expectations in terms of pleasure, variety, practicality, wellbeing and health. We produce and sell top quality butter, cream, sauces and dairy desserts.

Food Service
Desserts and preparations; cream cheese for cheesecakes; puff pastry butter and other butters for baking and cooking; cheeses for cheese platters, sandwiches, cheeseburgers or nibbles; cheese portions; cheeses for culinary uses… We design products that facilitate the work of food trade and food service professionals.

A specialist in milk-based nutritional and functional ingredients, we develop cutting-edge research and advanced technologies to meet the specific requirements of food manufacturers to whom we also supply cheese ingredients, health ingredients and infant formula ingredients.


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