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Culture and values

Leading the way to better food, innovating, promoting quality and respect for nature, driving forward our development and that of our staff, investing to ensure growth and long term stability, contributing to the common good: these commitments have shaped the sustainable and responsible strategy of the Group ever since its foundation.


Savencia Fromage & Dairy consists of small scale companies, usually located within their milk production zones and united by a strong humanistic, family-based and entrepreneurial culture. We favor decentralized management that places operating subsidiaries at the heart of our development. Shared service entities are responsible for providing administrative, industrial and commercial synergies.


  • Our shared total quality management approach focuses on satisfying our customers and respecting the expectations of other stakeholders. Through economic and social development, respect for people and the environment, the Group and its staff are committed to sustainable performance.

Our action principles and rules of conduct are included in an Ethical Charter, “The Group and its culture”, available in the main Group’s languages and provided to all employees.
This Ethical Charter underlines operating principles, ethics and behaviours that apply within each subsidiary of the Group and highlights the Ten Fundamental Principles of the U.N Global Compact, additional to this; all employees are requested to inform their direct Manager or, if necessary, one of the Group’s Directors if they feel that the Group’s ethics are being threatened.

  • The Global Compact

    The Group is a signatory to the UN’s Global Compact scheme, and therefore committed to upholding to its ten fundamental principles in the areas of Human Rights, labour, environment and anti corruption. This is covered each year in the Group’s Progress Report.


    Download our Communication on Progress 2017 (year 2016)

  • Gaïa Index

    Savencia Fromage & Dairy is one of the top 10 industry members of the leading Gaïa socially responsible enterprise index of mid-caps listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Selection for the index, performed by the non-financial rating agency EthiFinance, is based on companies’ transparency and performance in terms of corporate social responsibility with a focus on governance, employment, the environment and relationships with external stakeholders.


Employees & the society
Savencia Fromage & Dairy takes great care to promote the professional and social wellbeing of the men and women who work for the Group.