Savencia Fromage & Dairy is an independent, family-based group focused on high value-added cheese and dairy specialties. The #2 French cheese manufacturing group and #5 worldwide, our international development is based on quality, innovation and the ambition to achieve excellence.

Together with all our employees and stakeholders, we are committed to leading the way sustainably, encouraging healthy eating and contributing to the common good.

Our values, our culture, are rooted in timeless, universal truths. They are: to trust in mankind, in its creative strength, and in its quest for fulfillment.

Jean-Noël Bongrain

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Engaging in business with passion

Above all, Savencia Fromage & Dairy pursues a strategy of differenciation and innovation, high quality product, strong and unique brands.

Also an international group, it has subsidiaries in 31 countries and sales in 120 ones. Drawing on extensive local roots, Savencia is built around enterprises of human scale, capable of meeting day in day out the new expectations of consumers and gastronomy professionals.

Brands with strong personalities


More than ever, collectively committed to confronting the challenges and carrying our belief in #PositiveFood

Jean-Paul Torris
Chief Executive Officer Savencia Fromage & Dairy
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  the way
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Leading the way to better food is the reason for our being.

Because we are convinced that it is possible to ally savor and health, naturalness and responsibility.

Because we have always cultivated our passion for taste and quality.

Because Savencia is made up of autonomous subsidiaries deeply rooted in their local markets, where spirit of enterprise rhymes with boldness.

Because the demand for excellence drives us to innovate to ever more serve our customers.

Because at Savencia, we are, all together, committed around strong values aimed at reinventing today the food of tomorrow.



We defend a positive vision of food.

We refuse to oppose pleasure and health.

We believe in a diversified food model favoring natural products.

We are committed to offering responsible local products and developing organic ones.

We think all food has its place if eaten responsibly: it’s all a question of variety for an overall nutritional balance.

We take action to help consumers move towards healthy meals, with simple ideas such as cheese & vegetables balanced recipes.

We firmly believe that in order to eat better tomorrow, we need to adopt a natural, tasty and flexitarian diet.

We just stand
for the pleasure
of eating (well).


Committed to a sustainable, ethical and solidary world, Savencia creates better food and serves the common good.

OXYGEN, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach formalized in 2018, is gaining new momentum.

Defined in conjunction with our stakeholders, it carries our ambition of combining meaning and performance, working with our partners and innovating for a sustainable world.

Results and Non-Financial Performance

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