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A sustainable agriculture

Promote responsible purchasing and, in conjunction with our raw materials suppliers, co-develop a more sustainable sourcing with greater added value

  • Extend the Best Farming Practices Charter to all our milk collection areas worldwide by 2025
  • Deploy our “Sustainable Milk Production” diagnosis, with its 10 drivers for improvement, with 50% of our milk producers by 2025
  • Co-develop milk produced from herds fed GMO-free diet from Organic agriculture
  • Responsible purchasing for the majority of our other strategic agricultural raw materials by 2025
  • Develop responsible purchasing from all our other suppliers via the Group Responsible Purchasing Charter 


We collect the milk directly from our producers’ dairy farms, and maintain close links with all of them. Our partnerships with milk producers include providing advice and training so that, together, we can introduce best rearing practices, improve milk quality and guarantee sustainable performance for farms.


Spending a large part of their time on farms, our dairy resource managers provide technical expertise in terms of the feed and care to offer animals, maintenance of collection and processing equipment and quality control.


Discover the portrait of Alexandra, engaged milk producer.

  • Savencia Fromage & Dairy buys and processes cow, goat and ewe milk from over 12,000 producers worldwide. France supplies 75% of the milk processed by the Group. The milk that we process is 100% of French origin, and all our factories are located near the farms: 97% of our collection is carried out within 70 kilometers.

    And in order to create value, 24% of the volumes we collect come from a differentiated milk sector: goat, sheep, organic farming, non-GMO cattle feed or protected designation of origin (PDO).



Our Responsible Dairy Sourcing program aims to help milk producers to reduce their environmental footprint whilst improving profitability. The Group monitors 10 indicators through full diagnostics. The producers decide on their priorities and choose the actions they will introduce, according to their specific needs.


At the end of 2018, 16.4% of our milk purchase volumes came from farms that carried out this diagnosis. 191,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent were saved compared to 2010.


The goal by 2020 is to reduce by 20% the carbon footprint of the dairy farms delivering the Group in France.


  • In France, in the framework of our sustainable dairy production approach, we support milk producers wishing to move towards organic farming by offering them technical and financial support during the conversion of their farm.
    In Germany, our Söbbeke brand produces its new range of yogurts exclusively from organic raw materials, without any aroma or preservatives. And Bresso offers our consumers products made in Kempten in Bavaria with milk from herds fed without GMOs.


As part of the Group’s CSR approach, our suppliers are invited to adhere to our Responsible Purchasing Group Charter. In addition, the social and environmental performance of the Group’s main suppliers are evaluated according to a common methodology by EcoVadis.
An EcoVadis audit was conducted with 466 suppliers, with an average score of 49.6/100 compared to an average Food and Beverage EcoVadis of 42.2/100.


All around the world, Savencia Fromage & Dairy strives to satisfy the huge diversity in the expectations of consumers thanks to its delicious cheeses, renowned for their high quality.

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