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Sustainable development

For Savencia Fromage & Dairy, protecting the environment is an area of progress in which all the Group’s major suppliers take part.


Located at the heart of our milk collection zones, day after day we develop an approach of continuous improvement, focusing on sustainable milk production, environmental protection considered as an integral part to our industrial strategy, and the professional and social wellbeing of our employees.


  • Improving our practices

    Our industrial department supports subsidiaries in the preparation for ISO 14001 certification (environmental management), monitors improvement programs and assesses the results achieved. A monitoring and expertise department identifies and disseminates internal and external best practices.


    Our subsidiaries have made significant efforts in eco-design to reduce their volume of packaging and therefore their impact on the environment: P’tit Louis has reduced the weight of its package by 80% by introducing a net containing 12 portions, Corman has saved 21 tons of film per year by using thinner references and two sites have saved 107 tons of cardboard by use of lighter packaging.

  • Gaïa Index

    SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy is one of the top 10 industry members of the leading Gaïa socially responsible enterprise index of mid-caps listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Selection for the index is performed by the non-financial rating agency EthiFinance.


We work to limit our environmental footprint at each step of our activity, with four focuses:
• Make use of every drop of milk and reduce raw material wastage;
• Save water, reduce and treat wastewater;
• Save energy and reduce emissions;
• Optimize transport.
Each Group location makes commitments to limit its consumption of water and energy, with targets reviewed annually.

  • The fromagerie d'Illoud, winner of the trophies for food industry energy perfomance

    The Fromagerie d’Illoud is the birthplace of the Group and the location of our Caprice des Dieux manufacturing facility which is ISO 50001 certified for its energy management and reduction of energy consumption per ton of production. The jury distinguished the site for its 2.8MW boiler which saves 7,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, its energy improvement programs deployed continuously and the strong commitment of its employees.

  • Reducing waste and saving energy

    After reduceding its waste by 50% within 15 years, our subsidiary Edelweiss cuts electricity consumption for lighting by 40% thanks to the replacement of neon lighting by LED tubes. Edelweiss is both ISO 14001 and EMAS certified.

  • Brazil, a site with commitment !

    A comprehensive action plan has been deployed at the Angatuba plant with the aim of achieving lasting reduction of water consumption. The site’s efforts have been recompensed by a 50% fall in water consumption over 5 years.

Sustainable technology for Passendale

As for several of our French subsidiaries, Fromagerie Passendale, which manufactures its own branded pressed cheeses for the Belgian market, has reduced its consumption of town water by 40%, and divided the number of tankers required for the transport of whey by 4.5, thanks to use of a membrane filtering process.


Our fleets are equipped with traction units meeting Europe’s EEV* standard and our drivers are trained in eco-driving. Upstream, we use high capacity milk collection tanks and optimize our collection rounds.
In 2016, our Fro’ subsidiary has thus, over three years, reduced its distance covered by 30% thereby avoiding the emission of 600 tons of CO2 per annum.

Downstream, by grouping deliveries we improve truck filling and delivery frequency: more service, less emissions. Electronic monitoring of consumptions and maintenance plans contributes to both environmental and economic performance.
* Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicule


We develop with our main suppliers, long-term relationships underpinned by the dynamics of continuous improvement. Openness to innovation and co-operation are at the heart of the Group’s purchasing strategy, which takes into account the ability of suppliers to offer solutions that are more effective, more economical and more sustainable.

A Purchasing code of practice specifies buyers’ commitments in their relationship with suppliers in four main areas: ethics and integrity, communication and collaboration, performance and progress, sustainable and responsible purchasing.

A Charter for Sustainable and Socially-Responsible Purchasing

This document is distributed to our major suppliers and gives details of our responsible purchasing policy. It is the subject of special training provided to buyers and new employees. Major suppliers are assessed according to CSR criteria by an independent body and we share areas identified for progress with them.

more than 100 suppliers assessed

in 2016, according to CSR standards by Ecovadis


Savencia Fromage & Dairy consists of two complementary divisions that are both built on adding value to dairy resources.