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Milk production

Consumer confidence in Group brands relies on raw materials and products of impeccable quality. This means that milk producers are the most important partners in the Savencia Fromage & Dairy responsibility commitment.

We collect the milk directly from our producers’ dairy farms, and maintain close links with all of them. Our partnerships with milk producers include providing advice and training so that, together, we can introduce best rearing practices, improve milk quality and guarantee sustainable performance for farms.

Spending a large part of their time on farms, our dairy resource managers provide technical expertise in terms of the feed and care to offer animals, maintenance of collection and processing equipment and quality control.

Savencia Fromage & Dairy buys and processes cow, goat and ewe milk from over 12,000 producers worldwide. France supplies 70% of the milk processed by the Group. All French producers that supply the Group have signed up to the Charter for Best Farming Practices. Acting as a guarantee of milk quality, it takes into account animal welfare and respect for the environment.
About 1,000 farms in France involved in our responsible dairy sourcing program.

In all countries where we produce cheeses, butters and cream, we are engaged in long-term relationships with milk producers in order to collect high-quality milk.

  • Germany: Söbbeke, our 100% organic subsidiary

    Our Edelweiss cheese manufactuing subsidiary collects its milk from the reputed Allagäu region at the foot of the Bavarian Alps.

  • Ireland: a naturally sustainable milk

    Rich and creamy, Irish milk is perfect for butter production, which led Corman, in 2005, to diversify its dairy sourcing, to partner with Glanbia, Ireland’s foremost dairy operator. Our joint production is a benefi ciary of the Open Source Ireland program providing the guarantee of milk from cows fed on grass.

  • Slovakia: mountain milk

    In Slovakia, where Liptov collects milk from the Tatras Mountains, the “Green Liptov” project, shared by milk producers and our staff, has sustainable environmental management at its heart.

  • United States: at the heart of the Amish country

    It is in New Holland, in the green hills of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County that we manufacture the Group’s Alouette specialties, natural and savory cheese spreads. Excellent farmers, the Amish produce milk, fruit and vegetables using traditional methods. The milk that we collect is produced by 79 family farms located within a radius of 20km around our cheese plant.

  • Argentina: a great country for milk

    Argentina has the benefit of a propitious climate for livestock farming and of vast pastures enabling it to produce milk of quality and figure as one of the world’s leading dairy economies. Our Milkaut subsidiary collects more than 250 million liters of milk from 305 farms.


Goat’s milk and cheese: France leads the way in Europe
France is Europe’s No. 1 producer of goat’s milk, accounting for one third of production. 3,000 producers supply 80% of the yield, some 460 million liters. The Poitou-Charentes and Pays de Loire regions supply 70% of national output. France is also the leading producer and consumer of goat cheese.


Our Responsible Dairy Sourcing program aims to help milk producers to reduce their environmental footprint whilst improving profitability. The Group monitors 10 indicators through full diagnostics. The producers decide on their priorities and choose the actions they will introduce, according to their specific needs.
About 1,200 farms are committed to our approach of Sustainable Milk Production and about 150,000 tons of carbon equivalent have been saved in France in 2016 in comparison with 2010.

  • Combining naturalness, quality and performance

    At the core of our scheme is the development of natural feed for herds. Grass is excellent not only for milk quality, animal welfare and the environment, but also for farm economics. Pastures store carbon, protect soil, filter water, maintain biodiversity and recycle the waste produced by the animals themselves. By raising awareness of best practice in watering animals and cleaning, the Responsible Dairy Sourcing program also aims to reduce farms’ water consumption.

50% of greenhouse gas emissions

from a dairy farm can be absorbed by pastures  and hedges, which store carbon  and maintain biodiversity.

  • Supporting young producers

    We support new producers setting up by providing them with the allocation of a production volume, financial support, a guaranteed margin for the first three years and ongoing training. In 2016, within a particularly difficult context for farming, the Group has supported young producers with the offer of a specific bonus which has benefited about 15% of our farmers.


  • The Group has subscribed to the Objective CO2, Carriers Commit charter. Drivers are trained in ecodriving and milk collection rounds are optimized by deploying milk tanks adapted to the zone’s dairy density. Grouping of deliveries equally optimizes tanker filling and provides higher delivery frequency: better service but lower emissions.


  • The website provides the public with information on the dairy industry as a whole and allows milk producers to access their personal data via a dedicated section.


All around the world, Savencia Fromage & Dairy strives to satisfy the huge diversity in the expectations of consumers thanks to its delicious cheeses, renowned for their high quality.