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Employees & community

Savencia Fromage & Dairy takes great care to promote the professional and social wellbeing of the men and women who work for the Group.


The attention paid to the development of our staff is ingrained in our culture. By promoting decentralized management, Savencia Group combines the benefits of human-scale companies with the career development opportunities of an international group. In-house promotion is preferred and there is great potential for mobility.

Training plays a crucial role in this: it enables all employees to enhance their skills for their own development and to contribute to the joint success of the company, while maintaining their employability.

Our remuneration policy is designed to provide for internal equity and external competitiveness as well as to reward performance and commitment.


  • The Group’s Ethical Charter underlines that respect for persons, and equality of opportunity, are pillars of our corporate culture. The Group remains attached to giving every talent its chance, is attentive to the respect of individual opportunities and non-discrimination and trains its managers for that purpose.
    In Spain, our Arias subsidiary has conducted a deliberate policy of integration of handicapped persons for the past ten years and proposes training and jobs – 10 in 2016 – adapted to the capacities of each employee. In Brazil, Polenghi has boosted its efforts with 51 handicapped persons employed in 2016 compared with 38 in 2015.


For several years, the Group has been certified Top Employer in 5 countries: France, Spain, Germany, Benelux and Poland. It is also distinguished by the Top Employer Europe label.

Safety is OUR business !

In order to continually improve safety at work, the Group introduced an international program of mobilization, training and management. In 2017, the 5th edition of the Worldwide Week for Health and Safety at Work is the opportunity for our employees to focuse on best practices, and provide a showplace for their initiatives and progress.
In 2016, 37 subsidiaries without any industrial injury, or almost one in two. Our goal is to accelerate our progress to aim zero accidents by 2020.


  • The Group encourages its entities to support community actions in which its staff members are involved.

    In France, the Group supports Arrondi Solidaire, a micro-gift system in which our employees can participate by gifting from a few cents up to 3 euros of their monthly pay, to which Savencia adds an equal amount. The money raised is paid to four associations; Adie (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative), PlaNet Finance, Planète Urgence and Vaincre Noma, the latter having been founded in 2013 at the initiative of Group employees. 700 employees take part in this salary-rounding scheme in France. In Germany a similar program, Restcent-Aktion, finances actions in the areas of diet and health.


  • Leading the way to better food

    The Group’s endowment fund encourages and supports employees committed to socially inclusive initiatives in France and worldwide. It supports the projects of associations echoing our vocation of “Leading the way to better food”. Among the projects supported in 2016: our Classes du goût in France to help children adopt balanced and varied diets, an outreach grocery in Lyon, the construction of a well in Niger, training in the manufacture of cheese as a means of conserving milk in Madagascar and the creation of a fruit and vegetable garden at an orphanage in Vietnam.


In 2016, Groupe Savencia signed an agreement enabling those French employees who so desire to perform an outreach mission during their annual vacation. They proceed within a secure framework provided by the NGO and on the basis of a pedagogical goal for mutual aid – helping children learn to read, implementing an accounting system for an association – thus sharing what is most precious: their time.


Culture and values
Innovating to provide a better diet for mankind, promoting quality and respect for nature, driving forward our development and that of our staff together, investing to ensure growth and long term stability, contributing to the common good: these commitments have shaped the sustainable and responsible strategy of the Group since its foundation.